1. What is the percentage of YPJ’ers in the resistance of Afrin?

Nuda Lelun: First and foremost we honor all our comrades who lost their lives in the historical resistance of Efrin and we hail them. We salute YPG\YPJ fighters and Shehba Women Front, all of comrades and commanders who put up a great struggle and who are leading the fight. Not to forget the resistance of Efrin people against all the bloody forces, which we salute and greet with respect. Especially our peoples big uprising in Rojava and Northern Syria is remarkable.

Around 40% percent of resistance forces in Efrin are YPJ. As circumstances needed everyday we had a different approach in the war. We are trying to take part in as many as conflicts and battles. In the whole war-zone and logistic-units we take an active part. Every single of our member in accordance with her expertise, contributes to resistance.

2. No doubt that defending Afrin is the first priority for YPJ warriors. We know that it is not limited with that. What other role or affect does YPJ have?

Nuda Lelun: As a part of SDF, YPJ fighters will do anything to protect women, children and our people that are being targeted by Turkish State. To protect civilians our forces use a range of methods to create a safe haven for civilians and as preventive measure our forces are already highly trained and in case a conflict breaks out they immediately act and push it back.

On the one side we educate people to be able to selfdefend themselve, on the other side we directly defend the region and villages when attacks are taking place to not let them advance. To defend the people from humiliation, war-technology and attacks YPJ is carrying out various types of action. They are destroying, burning and looting homes YPJ is mostly choosing to attack back and confront the enemy directly.

3. Generally you will see and hear the voices of YPJ’ers in the tank-explosions or when someplace were taken back. Do YPJ units have an unique way or method of fighting, what would you say about this?

Nuda Lelun: When you are confronted with such an outrageous attack, and you have to defend your land and people from extinction, all your thoughts are how to be able to stand against that. That’s why we are able to carry out such a diversity of actions. We do that to push the turkish occupiers back and free our land. Everybody can see the discrepancy between the turkish army way of living and our way of living. They loot, rape, humiliate and steel. We represent the opposite of that and that’s what we resist for, fight for, to defend our values.

4. It has been days that we’ve been talking about the so-called agreement between YPG and Damascus. When agreed upon, how do you think this will effect situation in Afrin?

Nuda Lelun: Our opinion on that topic has been clarified before. We think that everybody in Syria has the right of existence and to live free on their land. If anybody tries to invade and occupy Syrian soil, than it is the right of the syrian people to defend themselves. We are open for everybody that wants to join the defence of Syrian borders. It is everybodies right and duty to defend themselves against foreign aggression. That’s what we want to say and there is nothing else we said before.

5. Do you have any message for women around the world?

Nuda Lelun: Throughout the last years everybody became witness of the threat and danger that ISIS, El Nusra and El Qaida mean to humankind. These are the direct allies of Turkish occupying state in the region and today they are together attacking our land and people in Efrin. If you are claiming to be conscious, to be humanistic you have to do for Efrin whatever you are able to do, help wherever you are able to help. Especially those who remain silent until today but claim to be ethical and democratic need to raise their voice for Efrin. Women who struggle for freedom, democracy and equality need to support YPJ. The world became witness of YPJ defending women against ISIS, today Turkey is representing the same threat to women. We call upon all women that struggle for the Freedom of women to support YPJ which is fighting on the frontlines today.

Again we are making clear that Efrin resistance will be victorious. With the spirit of Avesta Xabur that showed her strength and will we will show our strength and will on the frontlines and the occupation and operation on Efrin will be defeated.