New Massacres and Horrible War Crimes of Turkish Army against Civilians in Afrin

Today at around 9:45 Turkish air-forces heavily bombarded the town Jindiresse committing a new massacre among the civilian population. Dozens of family houses have been bombed to dust. According to first informations of local resources dozens of injured and death civilians are expected to be under the ruins of the houses. Due to on-going bombarding and shelling of the region rescue teams cannot access the places of devastation. Also our contact with a local reporter who provided us with first footage of the place of occurrence has been cut off. The actual dimension of this massacre still needs to be investigated.

At the same time the villages Derwish and Aljiya in the district Shera have been targeted by Turkish air-strikes. Further the villages Birimce, Mirkan and Shitka in the district Mataba as well as the village Berbene in the district Rajo have been heavily shelled by Turkish artillery.

Since the adoption of UNSC Resolution 2401 on 30-day cessation of hostilities in Syria to enable humanitarian aid, Turkish army forces have intensified their attacks on civilians in Afrin. Day by day a rising numbers of civilian casualties – women, men and children are reported from all districts of the region – especially from Jindiresse, Shiye, Mabata and Rajo.

On the occasion of the up-coming International Women’s Day on 8 March, today a women’s solidarity convoy departed from Qamishlo towards Afrin. Hundreds of Kurdish, Arab and Assyrian women from the Canton Cizire participate to the convoy which is also joined by women representatives from different countries, NGOs and journalist – including members of the IC Afrin Resistance team. A former civilian solidarity convoy was shelled by the Turkish army on 22 February, leading to the death of one and 12 injured civilians while Turkish officials tried to present the convoy as a “military convoy” in the media. Therefore we appeal to the media and the public to observe and report about the women’s convoy for peace in Afrin.


We urge the International Community to take immediate urgent actions to prevent further human losses and to stop the genocide plans of the Turkish state in Afrin.

The International Community has to fulfil its duties by immediately bringing the Turkish government and Turkish army to justice. Turkey has to be held accountable for its war crimes, violations of international conventions and international law.


Information Centre Afrin Resistance,