İSTANBUL- Selahattin Soro, External Affairs Committee Member of Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) said “There is a situation of collaboration regarding the genocide of Kurds. Just as like they had a common mind and plan during the special operation leading to the kidnapping of Öcalan [in 1999] the same is done today in Afrin.” and stated that Kurds would not allow this plan to succeed. On the 17th day of Turkey’s attacks on Afrin the member of KNK’s External Affairs Committee, journalist Selahattin Soro evaluated the silence of international forces against the attacks from Turkey and the Sotchi Summit.

“They did not want the Kurds to have a word in Middle East”

Emphasizing that the Kurds did not get the same support at the western side of the Euphrates as they got at the eastern side by the coalition, Soro told “In case of Afrin; FSA, El-Nusra and their derivations took position against Kurds and launched attacks at first. Kurds gained an important success in repelling these. With this success, Afrin became an island of peace. Hundred thousands of people came to this island from different regions. Peoples in Afrin built a new life with no support or limited support from outside, and included every kind of person. They created a new self-governance method which is an alternative Third Way [neither a copy of despotic state structures of regional states nor a henchman of imperialist interests]. This is striking. Turkey did not want the Kurds to have a word in Middle East. In this frame, they pushed its [jihaddist] gangs always to the front but could not succeed. Because Kurds were successful in Raqqa and Dairezor despite all the attacks. The defeat of gangs they supported made the Erdoğan-MHP alliance enter the war zone themselves”.

“Start of new developments”

Soro, evaluating the attacks of Turkey as “attempts of occupation“, stated that those attacks would lead to important processes in Syria. He emphasized that with attack on Afrin, Turkey has launched a war on all Kurdish people and said “The first 17 days of the war showed us that the calculations of Turkey did not work, but despite this they will not make a step back.”

“Take İdlib, Give Afrin”

Soro commented on the situation that just like during times of the battles in Aleppo Turkey imposed a deal of “tampon region against Aleppo” on Damascus. Now they are imposing the same policy on Russia and the Syria regime as “İdlib against Afrin”. He stated “It was approved during Astana process that Turkey is the patron of Islamist groups. Turkey entered the zone via accepting this”.

“There is a very deep relationship”

“The relation between Turkey and terrorist organizations is really deep one”, stated Soro: “We have witnessed that they moved from one point to another escorted by Commission, Tahrir and Damascus and that was celebrated by El-Nusra.” He emphasized on that in West Syria the actors took new positions, “A new era has started here after the IS war, and Kurds were sacrificed in this new era. There are two powers here, the USA and Russia. USA turned its back to Afrin forces with whom they fought together in Raqqa and Tabqa against IS, claiming that Afrin is not an operational zone of the coalition. Russia was in charge of the air zone. They withdraw their forces and provided the possibility to Turkey to carry out their operation. Russia told Kurds “if your ally is the USA; USA would do something” and tried to force them to hand over their gains to the regime. In a way, Kurds were put in between two fires.”

“Sotchi ended up as a fiasco”

Marking down that Kurds had to pay high prices because they insist on a third way, Soro said Kurds would not compromise from this third way. He stated that Sotchi meetings ended up as a huge fiasco: “What was planned with Sotchi was that Russia would have the hegemony over Syria. In the beginning it was planned that Kurds would take part in Sotchi. Only Kurds had accepted a previous draft [on a future constitution for Syria]. Even the regime did not agree on it.”

“Sotchi does not represent the people of Syria”

He said, Turkey had special meetings with Russia, bargained a lot and compromised a lot during the process before Sotchi, therefore they made it easier Turkey to take initiative during Sotchi. Soro expressed that Sotchi Summit was held together with the groups which are supported by the regime and Turkey. At first a certain atmosphere was created, but then it was diverted. He pointed out that a constitution committee which would be prepared after this Summit would not represent all the people of Syria.

“Starting of Syria’s falling apart”

Soro evaluated the attacks on Afrin as the beginning of Syria’s falling apart and pointed out the deep politics run by the British and German governments, indicating the British state as a representative of the 300 years tradition of nation state. Russia made all the terrorist groups allies with Turkey and pointed at Afrin as a zone of the operation. This is a sign of the big plans that they have, he continued.

“Turks seen as gunman, Kurds as victims”

In this plan, the role of the gunman has been given to the Turks, while the Kurds have been chosen as victims, stated Soro and continued: „Erdogan is trying to push the Kurds towards a new Lausanne. He is trying to expand his borders of ‘Misak-ı Milli’. And this is referred to as a “secure zone”. They name the occupation as secure zone!”

“Continuing of Kocgiri, Maras, Sivas”

Soro emphazied that making the west side of Euphrates a Kurd-free zone has been a project of the foundation era of the Turkish Republic. He said that “the massacres of Maraş, Koçgiri and Sivas are now followed by the attacks on Afrin. It is not a coincidence. Erdoğan and Bahçeli are trying to play the roles of Atatürk and İnönü.”

Attempt to victimize the Kurds in the 3. World War

Pointing out the similarity between the attacks on Afrin and the international conspiracy against PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, Soro said that international powers this time came together and agreed on the aggression against Afrin. Even there have been several international attempts to counter-act the attacks on Afrin, big efforts are spent to silence them, recorded Soro. He added: “All weapons that are used here are produced in the West. They are used against Kurds. There is a plan. In the 1st World War the Armenians were victimized; in the 2nd World War the Jews, we all know that. Now in this 3rd division war the international powers try to victimize the Kurds. Otherwise Turkey does not have enough power to do that.”

“Kurds will resist”

In order not to go through the same as the Armenians and Jews did, the Kurds will resist, Soro continued. “They have shaken hands in order to exercise a genocide on Kurds. The attacks on Afrin today are in continuity of the capturing Öcalan. The same actors who took role in the 1998-99 conspiracy are again playing their role. But the Kurds have changed a lot since then. They have developed in many ways and also were successful in fighting the IS”.

“It will be the victory of Kurds of the all world”

Soro said that the victory in Afrin would be a victory for all the Kurds and democratic forces all over the world. He added: “We can evaluate Kobane as Stalingrad. The AKP fascism will be defeated in Afrin. They will lose in Afrin. This will make history not only as the victory of Kurdish people but as the resistance and victory of all the people. Therefore, Kurds and all people worldwide should take action not only verbally but also physically. In the following days the legend of Afrin will elaborate and shape history.”

MA / Yasin Kobulan

Original Source: Mezopotamya Ajansi

Translate by IC Afrin Resist