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An introduction of the Information Center of Afrin Resistance – a contact address for factual information about the current situation in Afrin

Since the beginning of the war in Syria 2011, the region Afrin has been under constant embargo and siege imposed by the Syrian regime, Turkish state and FSA groups related to El Nusra and ISIS. Therefore it has been difficult for journalists and the international media to gain access to this region. This situation has worsen since Turkey waged an open war on the region on 20 January 2018.

Therefore the Information Center of Afrin Resistance (IC Afrin) was founded on the occasion of Turkish army’s invasion attempts and attacks on the region Afrin. With the aim to inform the public and the international media we have been providing first hand current information, footage, documentations and analysis concerning about the developments in and around Afrin.

IC Afrin members are present in Afrin city and other districts. With our works on the ground and by being present at the places of occurrences we are aiming to make first-hand information, pictures and footage accessible and to support the media in their efforts to reveal the truth about the developments in Afrin. The focus of our work has been to document human rights abuses, war crimes and the effects of the war on the population of Afrin. At the same time we are reporting about the people’s resistance against occupation and for the defence of their democratic self-administration. Further we are sharing news about international solidarity campaigns with Afrin.

You can follow us on Twitter: @Icafrinresist

Background information, regular news bulletins, dossiers, statements, analysis and articles in English, Spanish and French are available on our blog:

On request we can also provide further specific information and arrange interviews with representatives of the bodies of self-administration and civil society organizations in Afrin.

You can communicate with us in English, German, Kurdish, Arabic, Spanish, French and Turkish. We are available all day via the following accounts:

Tel. and WhatsApp: 00963 998113029

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