Information Center of Afrin Resistance

Direct Daily News from Afrin and North Syria

Solidarity and Declaration

Here you can download different declarations and statements of international solidarity against the Turkey’s invasion attempts and war on Afrin which reached us from all over the world


Statement by Jineoloji on 8th March International Women’s Day Mobilization to Afrin

Appeal to International Community by Woman’s Organisation of Afrin

EU Parliament Declaration for Peace and Dialogue to Stop Turkey´s attacks against Afrin



Statement by Afghanistan Resistance Party: Solidarity Declaration for Afrin Resistance


Letter by Armenian National Committee of Canada (ANCC) to Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland


Letter by the leader of the Australia Greens to the Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop

Statement by Green MP: ‘The world must not let the Kurdish people down again


Statement by Footballer Deniz Naki (Amed Spor) about Afrin

Bask Country

Statement by Parliament of the Bask Country: Stop the Turkey’s Attacks on Afrin


Solidarity Statement by the National Congress of Indigenas in support of Afrin


Solidarity Statement by the French Trade Union CNT

Collective Call by French Politicians and Activists Published in the Newspaper l’Humanité

Declaration by French Communist Party: Stop Turkey’s Criminal Aggressions!


Joint Statement by Co-chairs of the Left Party Die LINKE and Fraction in the German Parliament

Open letter by artists from Germany to Merkel concerning Afrin


Solidarity Statement for Afrin Resistance by Feminists from the Maya people in Guetamala


Statement of the Municipal Council Staff Sector Consular Group Civic Coalition for Bologna

Kurdish Regional Government

Call of the intellectuals and academics from the 4 parts of Kurdistan and members of the Parliament of the KRG upon to the international and humanitarian community (1/2)


Appeal was issued by some 100 writers and intellectuals of Norway in connection with the Turkish aggression on Afrin


Foreign Ministry of Switzerland declares its concern about military escalation in Syria, fightings in Afrin and theirs effects on civilians

Appeal by the city of Geneva to Turkey to respect the Geneva Convention

Statement by Green Party of Switzerland: Turkey is Violating International Law

Unite Kingdom

 Letter by Kate Osamor (Labour Party MP / House of Commons) to the UK Foreign Secretary: Take action to Turkey’s attacks on Afrin and foster peace for the Kurdish communities

Joint Statements

Feminist Call: “Solidarity with the women in Rojava”

 Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations for immediate action on Turkey of NGO’s from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Odisha in East India




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